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It’s not all about me…

I suppose one tends to get carried away with one’s own blog… there does tend to be a trend to keep pumping out things about yourself. I reviewed my blog recently and found I was doing just that – writing about my books, my accomplishments, and not really looking around at my fellow authors and their accomplishments.  It is for that reason that I have begun to “read” other people’s blogs when they appear on sites like ARRA, AusRomToday, SCP, and RWA and not just skim over them.

The ones I like end up being re-blogged on this site. I suppose if I can “spread the word” for other authors it can only be good for them.

In a way it also helps me as I am taking an interest in other genres that I would not normally read. What’s the old saying about variety being the spice of life?

I do also want to keep my followers informed at my own progress, so from time to time I expect I shall indulge in my own self-importance :o) Not that there’s too much to report on this front, except of course that I am plodding along with my current WIP: Affectionately Yours… when I’m not doing other things. At present I’m about half way through this and the end does seem so far away still. It doesn’t help when I get distracted with Facebook and my day job. So the only time I have to write is usually late at night – not tonight though as I’m writing this.

I expect I had better sign off and head back to London 1941 – at least for a little while and see if I can knock out a few more hundred words.

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AusRomToday Amanda Mackey


I found my writing voice early on through poetry. It wasn’t until some ten years later that I would write my first novel. It would be a further 16 years until I self-published that first novel. I tried the traditional approach of sending my unsolicited manuscript to every publisher I could find with knock back after knock back. It became pretty dis-heartening to get rejected after each submission but I truly believed in what I had written so kept persisting. This time gave me a chance to keep improving my novel which I’m now grateful for.  It’s amazing how time makes you see things in a different light.  What had seemed like my best writing at the time, some months or even years later appeared to be very amateurish.

With the change in the publishing world and the creation of e-books and e-publishing it gave…

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REVIEW: Rhian Cahill’s ‘Virginia’




Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Virginia
Rhian Cahill

Cool, collected, confident – those who know Virginia in her personal and professional life would never expect to find her in Boyd’s, a bar across town from her circle of friends and socialite world.

But Boyd’s offers her something she can’t get among her rarefied acquaintances: sex. Rough, hard, mind-blowing, anonymous sex.

In her casual clothes, she’s no one important. Incognito, unnoticed by everyone except one: the bartender who knows her drink order – and would like to know a whole lot more.

Escape Publishing

What AusRomToday thought:
Well, it wouldn’t be a Rhian Cahill story without a *lot* of steamy, down and dirty, smoking hot sex and what can I say… Cahill delivers again (and again!) in this first installment of Escape Publishing’s Secret Housewives continuity. As expected, Cahill delivers a well-developed story with strong characterisation that compliments the novella-length…

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