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AT MY DESK: Faye Hall

I thought my desk was cluttered until I saw yours… phew! Not so bad after all.

I like the idea of the footwear… no doubt necessary when you need to “re-boot” the system :o)

Keep on writing

Best wishes



AT MY DESK: Faye Hall

To say I was excited about being invited to AusRomToday is a slight understatement, but the invitation to do an At My Desk post did kind of fill me with extreme nervousness.

My desk is constantly getting cluttered with children’s drawings and little trinkets and artworks they bring home from school.  My youngest son’s slippers constantly live on my desk due to his age and his constant knack of losing them or hiding them.  My arm guard also has a permanent place too because unfortunately I can’t type for long periods of time without wearing it.


I share my computer desk with my wonderful husband (who also made it).  Our computers sit side by side in our bedroom.


My computer tower also seems to keep getting cluttered with things that I hold dear, like loom bands my daughters have made, or my children’s student of…

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