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Letter from a Stranger… Under Contract

What a great way to end the week… on a high from having been offered a publishing contract for Letter from a Stranger by Luminosity Publishing, UK.

I just want to say thanks to the readers who took the time to read the first draft and pass judgment, and particularly to Tory who not only read it, but provided some editing tips, as well as a title name change. It will be coffee and cake to celebrate in the very near future – Thanks Tory :o)

Now the fun really starts [or should I say hard work]; as one of my LinkedIn and Facebook Friends, Catherine, said… writing the book was the easy part!

I know I’m no stranger [no pun intended] to the editing process of my books, but it is always daunting and very, very exciting… As they said in ancient Rome: Let the games begin. I just hope I shan’t be thrown to the lions :o)

I’ve been advised the book should be released sometime in June 2015. I will keep you advised of my progress.

Best Wishes




HUMP DAY HUNK: Jaime Loren


IMG_1606Hump Day Hunk with Jaime Loren

Today we meet: Scott Parker from Jaime Loren’s Waiting for April

I’m absolutely thrilled AusRomToday are giving me the opportunity to introduce you to the hero of WAITING FOR APRIL, Scott Parker.

First off, Google any picture of Jesse Spencer, and you’ll find my Scott Parker.

In fact, I have a character board on Pinterest you can check out here (just make sure you come back and continue reading! DON’T GET SUCKED INTO PINTEREST):

I’ll give you a minute …

Are you back? Yes? Good. J Now, where were we? Oh right. Scott Parker.

To say he’s had a tragic life would be an understatement. At the age of 18, Scott lost the love of his life, April Fletcher. After being rendered immortal and invulnerable to harm with her final breath, Scott had no idea why he had to walk the earth alone—until her…

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