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Here we go again…

With my publishing rights returned to me by Secret Cravings Publishing for my two books: The Sword and the Rose and Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms I have now begun the ordeal of trying to find another publisher to consider taking them on. So without wasting too much time I have approached a UK publisher with my submissions.

It is now a question of how long I will need to wait to find out whether they are interested or not. Fingers crossed that they will be.

Meanwhile though, despite the wonderful workshops I attended at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference last month in Melbourne, and despite reading of successes of fellow authors the writer’s block that I have been experiencing lately has not abated.

As much as I have been dabbling here and there with my current work in progress I just don’t seem to be finding the right formula to snap me back into writing all out to finish it.

Perhaps if and when I get some good news with my finished books it might just give me the incentive I need to get me writing again. I hope so, because this lack of activity on my part is becoming a worry.

Hope I will have some more encouraging news soon.

Best wishes



Book Covers Replaced

With the demise of Secret Cravings Publishing I have been obliged to remove the book covers from my book pages and replace them with re-formatted versions which no longer show the company’s logo.

The covers are designed by  DusktilDawn Designs

I have also had to remove the company link as a publisher.

This is such a sad chapter in my writing career.

Hopefully things can only improve.


My US Publisher has gone out of business

We know times are tough but when your publisher goes broke then we know how hard the publishing world really is.

Secret Cravings Publishing is gone……… So sad, because it was thanks to them that I was first published through a third-party publisher: which in the publishing world is the only way to be truly recognised as a Published Author.

Sandy Sullivan [Owner] and her editorial team worked hard for over 4 years to generate a business that made all SCP authors proud to be under their wing. I am one of many of their authors who are utterly devastated at the recent [1st Sept 2015] announcement that Sandy Sullivan will be filing for bankruptcy.

At present Sandy is working hard to remove all the books, some 1500 in total from distributor sites, such as Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, ARe, etc…   She has promised all of us that she will also be immediately reverting all rights delineated in Section I to AUTHOR in accordance with Section XXIIIB of the contracts signed by both parties. In accordance to the contract the  PUBLISHER will wait at least six (6) months before declaring intentions to file for bankruptcy in a conscientious effort to keep
contractual rights from becoming assets of the Bankruptcy Court. Lets just hope she is able to do so, as I don’t fancy fighting the US Bankruptcy Court from Australia – Solicitors’ costs are high enough for the simplest of things; something like this doesn’t warrant thinking about – it would only conjure up nightmares.

In addition, Dawne Dominique is working hard to remove the SCP logo from all book covers and is to make the covers available for purchase by us authors. Of course I will want my ones, especially the one for The Sword and the Rose as it is so beautiful.

In the end, it just goes to show how life is never certain and we can’t take anything for granted.

I had been so overjoyed when I had received the contracts from SCP for my two novels; who was to guess that less than two years later the books would be unpublished, the publisher gone out of business, and once again resuming the struggle of finding another publisher willing to publish my books. The latter process can’t start though until I receive confirmation that the publishing rights have been returned to me.