Balor’s Landing

Balor’s Landing – Current Work-In-Progress

 Romance in War Series – Book 3

 Copyright © Louise Roberts 2017

 Living on the remote island of Toraigh off the coast of Ireland Eleanor Talmhach loves to listen to the old folks’ tales of Gaelic mythology. Each day she walks the cliffs near her home making her way down to a beach where an outcrop of rock juts out into the forbidding ocean.

One autumn dawn in September 1944 she sees what looks like a beached seal, but closer inspection reveals a human face. Panicked she races for help.

Jack Farrell is a survivor from the merchant ship Empire Heritage sunk by a German U-boat. Eleanor and her mother nurse him. As he recovers and helps on their small farm, a romance between him and Eleanor develops.

However as he gets stronger will Eleanor be able to persuade Jack to remain with her or will she give in to his need in serving his country and letting him return to sea?