Lady of Seville


Lady of Seville

[The Sword and the Rose Series – Book 4]


Louise Roberts

Historical Romance Fiction – 37,617 words

Released 15th March 2017 by


Copyright © March 2017 Louise Roberts

ISBN: 9781370216376

Cover design by Dawné Dominique

All cover art © 2017 by Dusktildawn Designs


Elena’s father, Gregario has sailed away on the Santa Theresa immediately following the death of his favorite nephew, Iago and the escape of Iago’s twin, Ferdinando to shores unknown.

The only sense of joy left at the Villa Sant’Angelo appears to be the preparations for her wedding to Alfonso.

Inwardly Elena is ecstatic. With the two eldest sons out-of-the-way Alfonso remains the undisputed heir to the family’s estates thus securing her own future.

Since Christmas the previous year she had successfully seduced her betrothed and their relationship had only grown stronger. However Elena is a complex individual who requires constant stimulation to keep her joie de vie alive.

Secretly she begins an affair. It is a relationship that captures her imagination. But will Elena’s secret threaten to disrupt her marriage to Alfonso, or will it, in some unexpected way, strengthen the bond between the three participants?