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Available for pre-order…

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms is up on the publisher’s website and is available for pre-order:

Don’t be shy why not check it out… there are two excerpts to read.

The book will be released on Thursday 26th June 2014.

Happy Days!!



A Very Short Story… or perhaps a prelude to something more?

Poetry of Love

Copyright © Louise Roberts 2014

The window exploded into thousands of tiny shards changing a once clear view into one of a frosted appearance. Claire gasped in surprise at the suddenness of the transformation. She looked at her finger, at the brilliant crystal held fast by delicately crafted golden clasps forming part of the engagement ring Mark had given her the night before. She had heard that a diamond was the strongest of all gems and if it was pressed and drawn against any other gem or glass the weaker material would scratch or break. Even though she hadn’t doubted Mark’s tribute to her, she had been curious to know whether or not the stone had been real.

Mark, disturbed from his slumber, looked up smiling and watched Claire in awe. Her beauty was breath-taking and he felt ever so fortunate to have met such a wonderful person. The filtered light of the shattered window emphasised her exquisite figure, even though it was silhouetted in shadow. A combination of his love for her and the vista before him aroused his passion. The memory of their love-making after he had proposed marriage stirred his hunger for her.

“Are you having fun?’” he asked amusingly.

Claire skipped back to the bed a broad smile brightened her face. She was happy.

“Thank you.” She replied gratefully, leaning forward to plant her lips to his in a warm embrace.

Mark placed his arms about her, drawing her closer and back onto the bed. Her ice blue eyes, not a single blemish apart from the darkness of the enlarged pupils as they opened to compensate for the dim light of the room, stared at him. They were like two deep mysterious pools inviting him to dive into and swim forever. He moved his lips to her eyes and as she closed her lids he kissed them tenderly. Her long hair, golden like sheaves of wheat on a meadow reminding him of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, lay across the pillow and seemed to frame her face in the same way as the famous painter would finish a canvas….

To be continued…… perhaps

Louise Roberts