It’s not all about me…

I suppose one tends to get carried away with one’s own blog… there does tend to be a trend to keep pumping out things about yourself. I reviewed my blog recently and found I was doing just that – writing about my books, my accomplishments, and not really looking around at my fellow authors and their accomplishments.  It is for that reason that I have begun to “read” other people’s blogs when they appear on sites like ARRA, AusRomToday, SCP, and RWA and not just skim over them.

The ones I like end up being re-blogged on this site. I suppose if I can “spread the word” for other authors it can only be good for them.

In a way it also helps me as I am taking an interest in other genres that I would not normally read. What’s the old saying about variety being the spice of life?

I do also want to keep my followers informed at my own progress, so from time to time I expect I shall indulge in my own self-importance :o) Not that there’s too much to report on this front, except of course that I am plodding along with my current WIP: Affectionately Yours… when I’m not doing other things. At present I’m about half way through this and the end does seem so far away still. It doesn’t help when I get distracted with Facebook and my day job. So the only time I have to write is usually late at night – not tonight though as I’m writing this.

I expect I had better sign off and head back to London 1941 – at least for a little while and see if I can knock out a few more hundred words.

Kind Regards



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