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A New Cover and Release Date…

Things are moving on. Secret Cravings Publishing have given me the release date for Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms – it is due for release 26th June 2014. And Dawné Dominique has created another masterpiece for me:


Hope you like it? I certainly do and it compliments the story beautifully.

I expect the book should be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble from around the 2nd July 2014; but I expect you’ll be able to pre-order through the SCP store before then.





The Sword and the Rose finds its way to Spain…

Awesome! It seems The Sword and the Rose has found its way to Spain  as recommended reading in the Costa del Sol – How wonderful. And considering the story line is mostly set in that country it’s more than apt that someone believes it should be read… Here’s hoping that many a reader chooses to purchase the book and enjoys the story.

Happy Days!!



The Sword and the Rose is released!

The Sword and the Rose 80KB

The Sword and the Rose is released and is now available at:

Hoping you enjoy the read…

Thanks and regards