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I’m in a bit of a quandary…

… and I’m not too sure what to do?

Having completed Letter from a Stranger which is now under contract with Luminosity Publishing and scheduled for e-release on 5th June 2015, I was about to begin my new project, Passionate Harvest. Now however I’m not too sure if I want to write it just yet.

The problem lies with Letter from a Stranger … I thoroughly enjoyed writing a story that was set in more modern times, be it during war. Although this book was going to be a one-off I started to thinking that perhaps it could in fact be the first of a series. A few years ago I had thought of an idea of a romance set during WWII in a coastal village in northern Ireland. However, apart from just writing the plan and synopsis of the story I never did anything more.

Since then I have thought up another tale which is to be set in the latter part of 1944 in southern France at the commencement of the Allied landings in that part of the country, whereby hero and heroine are members of the resistance fighters causing communications disruptions to German forces as they are forced north.

So you can see my dilemma… do I write these two romance stories set during World War two thus creating a series of three books and perhaps calling the series Romance in War or do I shelve them for now and continue with book three in The Sword and the Rose Series?

It’s so difficult to know what to do… I want to write all three, but it’s finding the time.

So I would like to ask my followers for an opinion… should I write Passionate Harvest first or do I complete the Romance in War Series?

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What a great welcome from my new publisher

It’s a great feeling when a publisher offers a contract on a book written. It makes all the hard work including all the long hours and late nights writing and editing your work worthwhile.

It is also a great motivator for getting the next book(s) completed.

The welcome Luminosity Publishing have given me on their website is fabulous and I am adding the link for you to share in my excitement:

I expect the first round of edits to be sent to me sometime soon. Always a good thing to make sure the story is perfect for readers to enjoy all the more.

I am also looking forward to their cover designer to get in touch. The cover is always so important as it captures the story within.

As soon as this becomes available I shall share it with you :o)

Best Wishes