Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms – Released

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms – was released today 19th October 2016 by Luminosity Publishing as an e-book.

The good news is, that even before this happened the book managed to score the #1 Best Seller and Highest Historical Romance Rating at the ARe Book Distributor website:



Needlesstosay I am over the moon.

Hopefully this is a turning point of better things to come :o)

“Passionate Harvest” comes out next month on the 21st, and Book 4 is beginning to take shape.

The Highest Rating certainly is a shot in the arm and a great inspiration to my writing career.

Best Wishes… and Happy Reading!!


The Sword and the Rose is now available in Paperback

I received notice from Luminosity Publishing that the paperback version of The Sword and the Rose is now available on Amazon at


It will also be available at other book distributors.

I’m so pleased it is all coming together. The publisher has also confirmed the release dates for Books 2 and 3:

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms is due for release on 19th October 2016, and

Passionate Harvest is due for release on 21st November 2016.




Two More Contracts…

With The Sword and the Rose Book 1 released eight days ago as an e-book, Luminosity Publishing provided me with two new three-year worldwide publishing contracts for books 2 and 3 of The Sword and the Rose series.

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms is scheduled for release as an e-book in October 2016, and in November this year Passionate Harvest is to be also released as an e-book.

As books have to be greater than 35,000 words to appear in paperback, and books 2 and 3 are under this threshold, Luminosity Publishing has agreed to combine both books under one cover to enable the stories to be available in print.

tsatr-lr-full   EmbraceAmidstOrangeBlossoms_LRG   PassionateHarvest_LRG

(All cover art copyright © 2016 by Dusktildawn Designs) –

(Cover designs by Dawné Dominique)

Meanwhile I have begun writing book 4 – Lady of Seville, and today I drafted out the plan for book 5. Although I have thought of a title for the latter I’m not going to announce it just yet as this might change.

There will be at least two more books after these in the series, but whether I’ll stop and move on to something else will depend on how popular The Sword and the Rose series becomes.

I will let you know as soon as I am given the dates of the print versions for books 1 to 3.




Showcasing “NO GREATER LOVE” by Justin Sheedy

No Greater Love by Justin Sheedy

To abandoned child, Colin Stone, World War Two grants an escape from the mean streets of St. Kilda. A natural warrior, his talents qualify him to join an elite group of young men. The shining ones. Who fly Spitfires against Nazi tyranny. Rising with them, from the top Colin Stone looks down on a world that has doomed his first true friends.

Bringing to vivid life true Australian war history and events, No Greater Love is a saga in the classic mold, featuring the drama, beauty, heroism and horror of one young man’s war journey through stunning Malta, Egypt and North Africa, Sicily, England and Europe. It is a portrait of the once-in-a-lifetime characters the war places on his path, of the tragic, wholesale waste of war, on occasion even the profound humanity of his enemy, and of his evolving perception of his world for what it is.

Though standing on its own as a ripping and also highly emotional read, No Greater Love is the third and final chapter of Justin Sheedy’s now widely and warmly cherished World War Two novel trilogy begun with Nor the Years Condemn and Ghosts of the Empire. Continuing and now concluding their portrait of shining young men destined never to grow old, No Greater Love is the full and rich story of Part 1’s reader-favourite character, Aussie rough diamond Colin Stone (‘Stoney’). It is the story of his war, of his loyalty and devotion to his friends, of his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him, and his dreams of being held by her once again.


About the Author:


Justin Sheedy was born in 1968 and grew up in North Epping in Sydney’s north-west suburbs. He was educated by the Little Sisters of No Mercy, then by the Jesuits, and obtained a degree in fine arts, qualifying him to drive a cab.

He has worked in radio, for a while as a go-go dancer as well as for the Australian Public Service though has since made a full recovery. If you have ever worked in the public service, you will understand. If you still do work in the public service, Justin remembers you, so you better have been nice to him as he’s writing books now.

His efforts have seen him invited to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2010 and to the Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012.

His books “Goodbye Crackernight” and “Nor the Years Condemn”, “Ghosts of the Empire” plus now his latest book “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” are available at AMAZON in paperback and Kindle formats, in Australia at Dymocks Books nation-wide. Also at GLEEBOOKS, ABBEY’S BOOKSHOP, BERKELOUW BOOKS & THE AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL, in the UK via WATERSTONES, WH SMITH and orderable at YOUR local bookstore.

On a personal note, I have read all of Justin’s books and have enjoyed each one thoroughly. As recommendations go I have no difficulty in promoting Justin Sheedy’s books.

I wish him every success with his latest offering “No Greater Love”.

Best Wishes



The Sword and the Rose – Now on Pre Order

Hooray!! Finally after almost twelve months since Secret Cravings Publishing returned my publishing rights to me following the closure of their company, “The Sword and the Rose” is soon to be re-released by Luminosity Publishing.

The novel is currently available on pre-order prior to its release as an e-book on Saturday 20th August 2016.

The Sword and the Rose

It should be available in paperback next month.





Showcasing “The Druid Chronicles” by Christina Phillips

Druid banner draft

He was a master of seduction – but no match for the magical allure of the woman he wanted most

Carys knew from the moment she first spied on Maximus in his naked barbarian glory that he was a dangerous Roman centurion – his taut, battle-scarred flesh marking him as a fearless warrior. But her desire for him was as undeniable as it was illicit.

Charged by his emperor to eliminate a clan of powerful Druids in Britain, Maximus never expects his mission to be thwarted by the clan’s ethereal princess, Carys, his daring voyeur. Falling under her spell, he doesn’t realize her true heritage – until he captures her heart as well as her body.

As Carys’ loyalties are twisted, and freedom is no longer her single-minded obsession, an avenging former lover threatens to crush Maximus’ people into oblivion. Now Carys and Maximus must overcome the devastation of war and face the ultimate sacrifice if their forbidden love is to survive.

Previously published by Penguin US in 2010

Read Chapter One

The mighty Roman Empire spreads across the face of the earth, conquering and destroying all who dare to stand in her path. Britain falls, and the rich natural resources of Cymru beckon. But in a fragile world, where the old ways are threatened by the new patriarchal order, the ancient goddesses will do anything to ensure their names will never be forgotten in the hazy mists of time…

Forbidden is the first book in The Druid Chronicles, with dominant alpha male heroes who end up falling for the last woman they should ever touch.

BK1 Forbidden Large

#1 Forbidden

#2 Captive

#3 Enslaved

#4 Tainted

Each book can be read as a standalone. There are no cliffhangers!

About the Author:

Christina Photo

Christina Phillips is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her high school sweetheart and their family. She enjoys writing contemporary, historical and paranormal romance where the stories sizzle and the heroine brings her hero to his knees.

She is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

Buy Links

iBooks   |   Amazon   |   B&N   |   Kobo

Keep in touch with Christina

Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter

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Another Masterpiece by Dawné….

I recently asked Dawné Dominique of Dusktildawn Designs to create a cover for the third book in The Sword and the Rose Series. Although the novella has only recently been completed and has yet to be submitted to a publisher I always feel that having a cover ready, or an idea for a cover, gives me encouragement to move on to my next project. Equally, it is hoped, that such display of enthusiasm allows potential publishers confidence in my commitment to my stories.

I have always been delighted with Dawné’s work but what she came up with this time just blew me away:


Passionate Harvest is a 27,000 word Historical Romance Novella

[The Sword in the Rose Series – Book 3]

Copyright © Louise Roberts 2016

Manuscript completed available for publication

Cover design by Dawné Dominique

All cover art © 2016 by Dusktildawn Designs


It is April 1622 and Magdalena Lorca is newly arrived at the Villa Sant’ Angelo in eastern Spain. She is maid and chaperon to Senorita Elena de Cellorigo-Borja who has travelled from Seville to meet her Valencian family.

As Magdalena is integrated into the household staff she gradually gets to familiarise with the surroundings. The Estates located near the village of Cullera are extensive and boast formidable orchards of citrus and stone fruits, but the family’s pride is their vineyards.

When Magdalena meets the wine-master, Joquim Alvares, for the first time their mutual attraction is immediate and develops into a strong friendship.

But will Elena’s impetuousness and selfish attitude towards her maid servant threaten to jeopardise any chance of romance for the young woman?

The only hope Joquim and Magdalena have will depend on whether Elena’s change in circumstance causes her to mellow when she in turn is courted by the Estate’s heir.


Book 1: The Sword and the Rose is a 124,600 word Historical Saga with romantic elements that was first published by Secret Cravings Publishing USA in 2014. Sadly just twelve months later publishing rights were restored to me when SCP closed its doors.

As I adored the cover Dawné had designed I asked to buy it, as well as the cover for book 2:

TheSwordandtheRose_fullres    EmbraceAmidstOrangeBlossoms_LRG

Book 1                              Book 2

Happily thanks to Kate Miles at Luminosity Publishing, UK, The Sword and the Rose is to be given a second chance when in May 2016 I was offered a three-year worldwide publishing contract which, of course, I accepted. The icing on the cake is that as Kate loved the cover as much as I did she agreed to release the book using that cover. The Sword and the Rose is to be released on 20th August 2016 (my birthday – what a great gift).

You’ll initially be able to obtain the book on Luminosity’s website at http://luminositypublishing.com/ and then on the usual popular book distributors.

Buy links will be added to the blog page of The Sword and the Rose as they become available.

Whether books 2 and 3 will also get published this year we’ll just have to wait and see….



The Sword and the Rose to be republished

The 7th May 2016 was a fantastic day.

On opening my emails I found an offer of a three-year worldwide publishing contract from Luminosity Publishing UK for my historical saga The Sword and the Rose.

Of course I accepted without hesitation. Luminosity already have published the first of my “Romance in War Series” books, Letter from a Stranger. I am currently researching book 2.

Due to changes in my personal situation and my recent relocation to southern France I had placed my work schedule on hold until I could get myself sorted out. As I commence my third month in this beautiful corner of the world things are starting to fall into place, and soon I will be in a position to resume writing full-time.

Receiving the contract for The Sword and the Rose comes at a good time and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first round of edits.

One of the things that also made me extremely happy is that the publisher is prepared to use the existing cover.

When Secret Cravings Publishing USA went out of business last year and they restored my publishing rights, the book cover designer offered the book covers for sale to the respective authors. The covers are of such fine quality I couldn’t refuse.

I only hope that moving forward, Luminosity will allow me to continue to use artwork produced by DusktilDawn Designs for my stories as their quality is second to none. http://www.dusktildawndesigns.com/

So I will sign off for now and look forward to keeping you updated with developments relating to my writing.

Best wishes



The words are returning…

Finally the words are returning: could this be the end of my writer’s block that has been plaguing me these past few months? Who knows?

Anyway I’ve picked up on my Work In Progress novella Passionate Harvest that is book three of The Sword and the Rose series and I am plodding at it again so that’s great as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve just managed another 1,000 words this morning getting me closer to my target of between 25,000 to 30,000 words.

The thing is however I’m now in no hurry to finish it as it will be pointless to find a publisher for it until I can tempt someone to take on Books 1 and 2.

When Luminosity Publishing offered me a contract for Letter from a Stranger I had to withdraw my submissions from other publishing houses. One of them, mentioning no names, had said they would look at anything else penned by Louise Roberts in the future. So when my publishing rights were restored to me from Secret Cravings Publishing last month I approached this said publisher to consider The Sword and the Rose and Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms [namely Books 1 and 2 of The Sword and the Rose Series].

As it turned out my contact had moved on from the original publishing house to another imprint, but regardless, she told me she was forwarding my submissions to her colleagues on the acquisition team, who she was sure would be in touch in due course. Well that was five weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing.

Yes… I know: It’s too early to hear anything back yet, but the waiting game is still pretty frustrating.

I also submitted the books to yet another publisher, one who Robert L J Borg had pitched his novel Out of the Darkness to when we attended the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Melbourne last August; but yes, you’ve guessed it… no response, not even an acknowledgement has been received from the editor in question.

I appreciate they are busy [aren’t we all?], but what does it take to send a short email acknowledging receipt of the submissions… A small gesture that goes a long way in assuring an author that your work has been received and not gotten lost in cyberspace. It also gives a bit of hope, no matter how small, that your book(s) are being looked at for consideration [or at least one hopes that is what is happening to your submissions].

Well not to be out done, yesterday I submitted only The Sword and the Rose to yet another publisher. I’m holding back Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms and will only submit it to whoever takes on Book 1. They can then have the whole series moving forward.

Robert took my initiative and submitted his book to the same publisher this morning. I think, like me, he too is becoming impatient at not hearing anything… no I tell a lie: he was knocked back by one publisher earlier this week. Mind you, he told me he wasn’t too fussed because the publisher in question only dealt with digital imprints and I do believe he wants to make sure that the publisher that takes on his book also does print versions.

I don’t blame him, what author doesn’t want to see his/her book displayed on the shelves in book stores??

All we can do is keep writing in the meantime and hope that one day soon we receive a favourable email.





Here we go again…

With my publishing rights returned to me by Secret Cravings Publishing for my two books: The Sword and the Rose and Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms I have now begun the ordeal of trying to find another publisher to consider taking them on. So without wasting too much time I have approached a UK publisher with my submissions.

It is now a question of how long I will need to wait to find out whether they are interested or not. Fingers crossed that they will be.

Meanwhile though, despite the wonderful workshops I attended at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference last month in Melbourne, and despite reading of successes of fellow authors the writer’s block that I have been experiencing lately has not abated.

As much as I have been dabbling here and there with my current work in progress I just don’t seem to be finding the right formula to snap me back into writing all out to finish it.

Perhaps if and when I get some good news with my finished books it might just give me the incentive I need to get me writing again. I hope so, because this lack of activity on my part is becoming a worry.

Hope I will have some more encouraging news soon.

Best wishes