The Sword and the Rose to be republished

The 7th May 2016 was a fantastic day.

On opening my emails I found an offer of a three-year worldwide publishing contract from Luminosity Publishing UK for my historical saga The Sword and the Rose.

Of course I accepted without hesitation. Luminosity already have published the first of my “Romance in War Series” books, Letter from a Stranger. I am currently researching book 2.

Due to changes in my personal situation and my recent relocation to southern France I had placed my work schedule on hold until I could get myself sorted out. As I commence my third month in this beautiful corner of the world things are starting to fall into place, and soon I will be in a position to resume writing full-time.

Receiving the contract for The Sword and the Rose comes at a good time and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first round of edits.

One of the things that also made me extremely happy is that the publisher is prepared to use the existing cover.

When Secret Cravings Publishing USA went out of business last year and they restored my publishing rights, the book cover designer offered the book covers for sale to the respective authors. The covers are of such fine quality I couldn’t refuse.

I only hope that moving forward, Luminosity will allow me to continue to use artwork produced by DusktilDawn Designs for my stories as their quality is second to none.

So I will sign off for now and look forward to keeping you updated with developments relating to my writing.

Best wishes




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