The words are returning…

Finally the words are returning: could this be the end of my writer’s block that has been plaguing me these past few months? Who knows?

Anyway I’ve picked up on my Work In Progress novella Passionate Harvest that is book three of The Sword and the Rose series and I am plodding at it again so that’s great as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve just managed another 1,000 words this morning getting me closer to my target of between 25,000 to 30,000 words.

The thing is however I’m now in no hurry to finish it as it will be pointless to find a publisher for it until I can tempt someone to take on Books 1 and 2.

When Luminosity Publishing offered me a contract for Letter from a Stranger I had to withdraw my submissions from other publishing houses. One of them, mentioning no names, had said they would look at anything else penned by Louise Roberts in the future. So when my publishing rights were restored to me from Secret Cravings Publishing last month I approached this said publisher to consider The Sword and the Rose and Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms [namely Books 1 and 2 of The Sword and the Rose Series].

As it turned out my contact had moved on from the original publishing house to another imprint, but regardless, she told me she was forwarding my submissions to her colleagues on the acquisition team, who she was sure would be in touch in due course. Well that was five weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing.

Yes… I know: It’s too early to hear anything back yet, but the waiting game is still pretty frustrating.

I also submitted the books to yet another publisher, one who Robert L J Borg had pitched his novel Out of the Darkness to when we attended the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Melbourne last August; but yes, you’ve guessed it… no response, not even an acknowledgement has been received from the editor in question.

I appreciate they are busy [aren’t we all?], but what does it take to send a short email acknowledging receipt of the submissions… A small gesture that goes a long way in assuring an author that your work has been received and not gotten lost in cyberspace. It also gives a bit of hope, no matter how small, that your book(s) are being looked at for consideration [or at least one hopes that is what is happening to your submissions].

Well not to be out done, yesterday I submitted only The Sword and the Rose to yet another publisher. I’m holding back Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms and will only submit it to whoever takes on Book 1. They can then have the whole series moving forward.

Robert took my initiative and submitted his book to the same publisher this morning. I think, like me, he too is becoming impatient at not hearing anything… no I tell a lie: he was knocked back by one publisher earlier this week. Mind you, he told me he wasn’t too fussed because the publisher in question only dealt with digital imprints and I do believe he wants to make sure that the publisher that takes on his book also does print versions.

I don’t blame him, what author doesn’t want to see his/her book displayed on the shelves in book stores??

All we can do is keep writing in the meantime and hope that one day soon we receive a favourable email.






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