Here we go again…

With my publishing rights returned to me by Secret Cravings Publishing for my two books: The Sword and the Rose and Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms I have now begun the ordeal of trying to find another publisher to consider taking them on. So without wasting too much time I have approached a UK publisher with my submissions.

It is now a question of how long I will need to wait to find out whether they are interested or not. Fingers crossed that they will be.

Meanwhile though, despite the wonderful workshops I attended at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference last month in Melbourne, and despite reading of successes of fellow authors the writer’s block that I have been experiencing lately has not abated.

As much as I have been dabbling here and there with my current work in progress I just don’t seem to be finding the right formula to snap me back into writing all out to finish it.

Perhaps if and when I get some good news with my finished books it might just give me the incentive I need to get me writing again. I hope so, because this lack of activity on my part is becoming a worry.

Hope I will have some more encouraging news soon.

Best wishes



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