Letter from a Stranger is Released

All the hard work and the waiting are over… Letter from a Stranger has now been released as an e-book and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at Luminosity Publishing’s book store. See the book page for the links.

The details of the release have already appeared on blogs at AusRomToday and Australian Romance Readers Association, and on our local weekly newspaper The Bush Telegraph.

I have also promoted it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as on my blog.

As they say… every little bit helps.

So far I have had a few positive remarks relating to the story, but I am looking forward to reading some professional reviews. The ultimate test will be to see the number of sales are generated from all the publicity done.

Of all the stories I’ve written thus far, I think I enjoyed writing this one the most. Perhaps because it is based on a true story of two people I knew [they passed away sometime ago] and this book is dedicated to them in memorandum.

I hope you will get a chance to read it, and I hope, like me, you will enjoy the read.

Kindest Regards




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