Writing Update…

Here we are then… I am just waiting on the edits to arrive for Letter from a Stranger; I received an email this morning from the Luminosity Publisher’s editor introducing herself, so I expect the edits will follow shortly. The cover has been finalised – you can view it on the book’s page.

So it’s time to concentrate on Passionate Harvest now, although it has been placed on hold for a little while as we have overseas visitors staying with us. As my study is right next to the guest room… well everyone deserves a bit of privacy :o)

In my last blog I said I wasn’t sure what to do next by way of writing. I can tell you that it has been decided. As mentioned above I am writing Passionate Harvest and hope to finish it sometime before the end of winter [August], but I’m not putting any timescale on it just in case Robert gets a positive result for his novel Out of the Darkness which he submitted to three Australian publishers this week. As you can appreciate, one of the most important aspects of any book is the editing process. It’s not just a question of writing a story… one must edit over and over and over again to get it perfect for the reader.

As Letter from a Stranger is the first book in the series “Romance in War” I have already thought up the two sequels in the series. I hope to begin book 2 in earnest at the end of this year and book 3 sometime in 2016. Although I have the storylines and titles already thought of, at this stage I’m not quite ready to share them with everyone. All I will give away is that book 2 is set in southern France in August 1944 and book 3 is to be set in northern Ireland in 1942/1943.

All the best to you all,




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