AUSSIE MONTH: Rachael Johns

I certainly agree with what Rachael says about Romance Writers of Australia that since becoming part of the RWA “family” my romance writing skills have vastly grown. Interacting with the group’s members on the RWA Facebook network and when attending the fabulous workshops held at the annual conferences have helped enormously


Rach JohnsAUSSIE MONTH with Rachael Johns

Describe yourself in one word:

What is your background with regard to writing?
I actually have an Honour degree in English Literature and Writing, which Fiona Palmer recently told me I should make public because it might get me noticed by the literary crew, but to be honest, the writing degree did nothing to help me where I got today and I’m happier with the genre fiction crew anyway. I’d been writing for almost ten years when I finally found Romance Writers of Australia and that’s when I finally started to hone my craft and learn what it takes to write a good book. Before that I was writing with no idea of what I was writing or where I wanted it to be published. It was almost another six years after that before I got my first book contract so I had a…

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