La Buche (Chestnut Christmas Log)

One of the nicest parts of Christmas when I was young, apart from all the presents Santa brought, was when my maternal grandmother (Nonna Ines) prepared the Christmas lunch for all the family. In those days we were a large, loud, happy family, and Nonna would prepare roast turkey, roast ham, veggies, with all the trimmings.

Dessert however, unlike the traditional Christmas fare usually found in an English household would consist of her speciality the Buche. I have no idea how long it’s been a family tradition, but I would expect it has been passed down the generations. La Buche is basically a chestnut and chocolate log which is cooked in the fridge – the longer you leave it the better, but three days is usually more than enough [and it can be frozen to have another day]. For anyone who loves chestnuts, chocolate, and cream then this dessert is for you:

Cooking Day 018

La Buche (Chestnut Christmas Log)

Ingredients: 1 tin (2 tins if preparing for 8 or more people) – Chestnut Puree

11/2 cups unsalted butter

1 jar chocolate or hazelnut spread

1 cup castor sugar (or to taste)

1 cap brandy (optional – but recommended)

Thickened Cream Strawberries or other fruit of choice

Cooking Day 001


  •  Place contents of chestnut puree in mixing bowl and cut into small pieces.

Cooking Day 003

  • Add 1 cup of unsalted butter, brandy and sugar and mix together until it forms a smooth paste

Cooking Day 005

  • Dampen calico or linen cloth in COLD water and spread out on work bench.

Cooking Day 006

  • Place chestnut mixture on cloth and using a spatula spread out to form large square about 0.5 cm thickness.

Cooking Day 007

  • Place contents of chocolate spread into mixing bowl with remaining butter and blend together until smooth.

Cooking Day 009

  • Pour chocolate on top of chestnut layer and spread out evenly.

 Cooking Day 010

  • Then taking the edge of the cloth in each hand, very gently “flip” the chestnut and chocolate layers so that the whole thing forms a roll.

 Cooking Day 011   Cooking Day 012

  • Keep the roll wrapped in the damp cloth and carefully transfer to a flat dish or tray and place in the fridge for a minimum of TWO days prior to being used.

 Cooking Day 014

  • To test if ready, gently touch it. If it is firm to the touch, it is ready to eat.


  •  Remove from fridge and carefully unwrap cloth.
  • Place Buche on a flat dish.

 Cooking Day 015

  • Cut off ends in a diagonal angle with a sharp knife to expose the “Swiss-roll” effect.
  •  Spread whipped cream over Buche and top with strawberries or cherries.

Cooking Day 018

**NOTE** the cake is extremely rich, so it is advisable to offer a small slice. Should not be consumed if allergic to nuts.

On the subject of the Chestnut Puree you can usually find it at speciality delicatessens  – this year I found it at Caesars Café at Erina on the Central Coast. You can order it on line if it’s too far to get there:

Finally, I would take this opportunity in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes



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