Time to blog…

It’s been a while since starting up my blog and I feel bad that I haven’t written much. However I have been concentrating on revisions of the books that are due to be published soon. The Editors and Proof Readers were quite stringent task mistresses, but they guided me through to hopefully create a work worthy for any readers who will buy the finished article. I hope there will be a few.

The Sword and the Rose I have been told by the publishers will be released on Tuesday 22nd April 2014. Not too sure what that means, as they also said the book won’t be available on Amazon until Monday 28th April 2014. I am assuming anyone wanting to purchase the book before the 28th April might be able to do so through their own website only.

In case you are interested the link for the book on Secret Cravings Publishing website is: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=10&products_id=857

In a way I am excited at the prospect of having a book published by a 3rd party publisher. All authors truly want this to happen. Those who say that self-publishing is the only way to go are kidding themselves. There is a true feeling of achievement when a publisher takes on your work. It is satisfying to know that they are confident enough in your writing that they are willing to spend time and money in ensuring your writing is polished to a perfection for it to grace their Company’s branding.

Although excited, I am also nervous at the prospect of it being released. This work has been my “baby” for many years. I actually first wrote it some 15 years ago and took me over two years to complete due to the immense amount of research needed. It was also a challenge to create histories for each of the characters; and there are enough of them in the story. From completing the original book to it being released next week the story has undergone countless hours of editing and proof-reading by me, critiquing groups, and eventually the publisher’s own professionals. In all I still find it difficult to “let go” of my creation, but if truth be known, what really concerns me will my “baby” be successful.

I honestly hope it will be. As I am sure every author holds his/her breath when their work is released – will it make the best seller list? Wouldn’t that be nice? I expect the feeling would be like winning the lottery .

I shall end by wishing you all a very Happy Easter and I hope you will get an opportunity to obtain a copy of the novel and have a read. I would be grateful should you also review it.

Best Wishes



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